Hornby APT-P 2020

Interior Improvements and Detailing by Cheshire Lines

APT-P © Cheshire Lines
Second Class – Maclaine of Lochbuie.

APT-P © Cheshire Lines
First Class – Thompson Blue.

APT-P © Cheshire Lines
Buffet Car.

Detailing Kit from Chris Clenton

I have put together a kit which is :-

Kit comprises of 554 seats covers on decal paper (which need to be varnished and cut up), 242 3D printed head rests and the buffet backgrounds together with a set of instructions - £40.

This covers a 14 car rake including the TU cars which need 2nd class covers in a 1st class configuration with antimacassars. I also include a lot of extras so the process can be practiced.

If you are interested, please get in touch via RMweb: Cheshire Lines. (with a full stop) or email: chris.clenton@railwaymugs.com


If you have any photographs or video of the Hornby APT-P on your layout to appear in 'The Gallery' - Please let me know !

All images remain copyright as shown.

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