Nose End

Revealing APT-P Buffers and Drawgear

APT's nose end has a streamlined profile. Under the reinforced plastic nose cone is a set of retractable buffers, a coupling hook and a drophead buckeye coupler, together with brake and main reservoir air connections and an electrical jumper cable, all for emergency use. Access is obtained by lifting the nose cone.

APT-P Nose

RIGHT To Release & LEFT to Lift Up it goes
Nearly there Lock it in place
Extend the buffers into the horizontal position
Nose fully lifted
Nose fully lifted

APT-P Nose

Spring-Assisted Linkage
Radius Arm
Nose Locking Catch
Retractable Buffers
Coupling Hook & Buckeye
Brake Pipe
Main Reservoir Pipe
Electrical Jumper Cable (Inter-APT Brake / Communication)

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