Watch out !! A.P.T. about

Watch out !! A.P.T. about

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Watch out !!
A.P.T. about

Between Carlisle and
Glasgow Central
via Beattock

Staff Information Booklet

From 18th February 1979 the Advanced Passenger Train will commence running on the Carlisle/Glasgow Central via Beattock line at speeds up to 125 MPH.

Staff must exercise the utmost vigilance when walking the track and observe the provisions of the "Safety Code for Track Walking" (BR2999/12).

Attention is specially drawn to the reduced time which will be available from staff sighting an APT and clearing to a point of safety.

A place of safety is one which will allow 2.5m (8' 3") clearance from the track.

If unable to reach a place of safety in time staff must lie down in the cess.

In areas of limited clearance the following additional safeguards are provided:-

  1. Where refuges are not provided the extent of limited clearance will be denoted by blue and white chequered plate lettered "Warning - No Refuges".
  2. Where clearance is limited on both sides of the line refuges or handrails are normally provided at 40 metre intervals on both sides of the line, and these are staggered to give 20 metres between successive refuges.
  3. Where clearance is limited on one side of the line only, staff must take refuge on the opposite side.
  4. In rock cuttings refuges will be marked in white paint.
  5. At certain overbridges/viaducts where refuges are not provided an audible warning system is installed to give adequate advice of the approach of trains to enable staff to proceed to a point of safety. The midway point of these locations is marked to assist staff in deciding the nearest exit point. The instructions for operating the warning system are detailed on next page and in Page 214 of the Sectional Appendix.
  6. At station platforms step irons are provided on the platform faces at the same spacing as the refuges.
  7. On platform surfaces a yellow line is painted with associated warning notices displayed instructing people to stay behind the yellow line clear of the platform edge.
  8. Track side location cases are provided with hand rails.


Safety and Protection of Staff - Warning System

At the undernoted locations with limited clearance on the Carlisle/Glasgow Central via Beattock line, refuges are not provided and the warning system detailed below is provided to advise staff of the approach of trains to enable them to proceed to a place of safety.

M    CH
Kirtlebridge OB60 16    71 508.470
Kirtlebridge/Lockerbie OB87 22    32 517.564
Lockerbie/Beattock Sth OB184 38    66 543.877
Beattock Nth/Summit UB249
(Harthope Viaduct)
47    03 557.068
Summit/Abington OB263 50    61 562.995
Summit/Abington OB288 54    36 568.962
Abington/Symington UB332
(Lamington Viaduct)
62    66 582.536
Lanark Junction/Carluke OB446 80    53 611.193


Warning System - Operation

  1. Before entering restricted area, wait 10 seconds to ensure system is not already switched on, then operate one of the four switches provided at each corner of the area.
  2. The indications given and action to be taken are as follows:-
    1. Bleep sounding at 7 second intervals - System functioning - No train approaching - Safe to enter restricted area.
    2. Continuous Warning Horn - Train approaching - Do not enter restricted area.
      If already within restricted area, proceed to place of safety immediately.
    3. No Sound - System failed - Do not enter restricted area.
      If already within the restricted area, leave it immediately and be prepared to lie down in cess if a train approaches.
      Test switch to ensure that it has not been switched off by someone else.
      Report failure to Signalling Centre.
  3. When leaving the restricted area switch the system off by operating any of the four switches unless it is known that someone else is in the restricted area.

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