Pendolino the next chapter…

The New Virgin Pendolino the next chapter…

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The New Virgin Pendolino the next chapter…

Driver's Cab

21st century driver's cab includes power/brake control and ergonomically designed console with separate co-driver area. Access to the cab is from the doors at the rear of the luggage area, with emergency egress being provided through the removable cab windows.

Passenger Information Systems

Passenger doors have customer information screens built in, providing essential journey information, while electronic information displays at the end of each car interior provide customers with up to the minute journey details.

Standard Class

The Standard Class coaches are full of exciting new features for West Coast customers, including electronic seat reservation, airline style reading lights, plug sockets for recharging laptops and mobiles and headphone jacks for accessing up to 14 different channels of entertainment.

First Class

Spacious and comfortable, the 1st Class coaches are finished in relaxing shades of blue with a mixture of airline style and table seats. Each table has a fixed light with reading lights provided in the overhead luggage racks as well as the electronic seat reservation information. Each 1st Class coach (except coach K) has a "service point" for crew use during busy periods and customer self service at other times.


As in the Voyager, each seat has individual audio jacks for accessing up to 4 FM channels and 10 CD's for customer entertainment and there is a plug socket at each seat to recharge mobiles and laptops.


The bright colourful vestibule areas have automatic doors for entry in to the coaches. The exterior doors seal to provide a pressurised environment within all areas (similar to an airliner) which reduces the "buffeting" experienced when two trains pass or in tunnels.

Disabled Seating Position

There are disabled seating positions adjacent to the disabled toilets in Standard and 1st Class. Each position has an emergency call button and also its own headphone socket and plug.

Train Manager's Office

Situated adjacent to the shop, the TMO contains the access screens for TMS, the seat reservation system and CCTV that monitors passenger areas throughout the train and digitally records the images.


There are toilets in all cars, except the shop and kitchen cars, including three for disabled use in the vestibules adjacent to the disabled seating areas.

The Shop

The Shop in the new Pendolino occupies approximately one third of Coach C and is spacious enough to allow customers to browse in comfort for items such as magazines, CD's and, of course, food and refreshments.

The Kitchen

The spacious kitchen is located in the centre of coach K to provide easy access to the 1st Class seating. The kitchen itself is stainless steel throughout and is fully equipped with 3 combination ovens, grill, hob, refrigeration system and ice machine, as well as dishwasher and serving trolleys.

Tilting Facility

State of the art electrically controlled "active" tilting technology allows for a maximum tilt of 8 degrees in either direction.

Pendolino Vehicles

Coach Vehicle Type First
A Driving Motored Standard DMS   46
B Motored Standard Disabled MS(D)   62
C Trailer Pantograph Standard TPS   48
D Motored Standard Disabled MS(D)   62
E Trailer Standard TS   76
G Motored First MF 46  
H Trailer Pantograph First TPF 44  
J Motored First Disabled MF(D) 37  
K Driving Motored First Kitchen DMFK 18  

Seating Plan

PDF 'Pendolino' Seating Plan.

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