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Issue No 1

Issue No. 1
Now on test British Rail's best

This is the Advanced Passenger Train (APT for short). It is British Rail's Inter-City train of the future.

Three of these 125 mph electric expresses are being built by British Rail Engineering Ltd., and the first one is due in public service between Glasgow and London in 1979.

Before then, extensive testing of APT will be carried out on the Region.

More information about APT is contained in a Staff Booklet available from your Area or Divisional Manager.

Issue No 2

Issue No. 2
On track with APT

The first Advanced Passenger Train arrived at Shields Depot, Glasgow, in February and is currently undergoing a series of brake, tilt and other technical trials to be followed by regular test runs between Glasgow and Preston.

These test runs are designed to prove the reliability of equipment which will eventually be subjected to several thousand miles of public service operations each week.

Initial staff training has begun and will get into full swing over the next few months.

Have you received your APT Staff Information brochure? If not, ask your Area or Depot Manager for a copy.

Issue No 3

Issue No. 3
The APT now arriving…

The Advanced Passenger Train has made its first 125 mph runs between Glasgow and Euston.

Brake, tilt and C.C.E.'s track tests are complete and crew training is well under way.

Regular trials between Glasgow and London start next March giving you all the opportunity to become familiar with day-to-day operation of APT.

Passenger services are planned for next Summer.

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