APT-P Doors

Exterior Passenger Access Door

External sliding doors are fitted to APT and these are operated by the passenger at the push of a button – but only after the guard has "released" the system from his control panel, so there is no danger of the doors being inadvertently opened en route. Each door is nearly 4 feet wide so access with luggage is made easy.

APT-P External Door

The door is a flush-closing sliding plug door with a power operated step which folds flush with the body profile when the door is closed. The door has a power operated lock and an inflatable seal, mechanical position detectors are used to control the operating sequence and also to give indication to the guard when the door is safely closed and locked. A 'safe-edge' fitted to the door leaf will re-open the door if it meets an obstruction during its closing stroke.

Guard's Control

In the guards van is a control panel for passenger access doors and associated functions on that side of the train. Each control panel consists of -

  1. A key operated switch, to control items b – e.
  2. "Doors Unlock" push-button to unlock all doors on that side of the train, which enables the guard to open them, or locally by passengers.
  3. "Doors Open" push-button opens all doors on the train that have been released.
  4. "Doors Close" push-button closes and locks all doors on the train.
  5. Driver-Guard communication push-button.
  6. Indicator Lamp which lights to show all doors on that side of the train are safely closed and locked.

Guards Door Control Panel Guards Door Control Panel
Guards Door Control Panel

Local Controls

Local push-button door controls for the use of passengers are provided at each door, they are -

  1. The internal 'Open' push-button is mounted chest high on the door itself.
  2. The 'Close' push-button is provided on the adjacent wall and may be operated from within the coach, or without when the door is open.
  3. The external 'Open' push-button is mounted on the door itself at normal handle height, 'Open' control is only available when the guard has 'unlocked' the doors.

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