Trailer Restaurant/Buffet Second (TRBS)

The catering vehicle is divided into two sections, a three module saloon to seat up to 28 passengers in 7 rows of 4 seats and a five module catering unit with a staff area, kitchen area, pantry, bar with social area. The toilet area in vestibule No. 2 is replaced with a Waste Disposal unit.

The social area is provided for customers taking drinks and light refreshments at the bar. The catering equipment includes Boilers, Microwave Ovens, Deep Fat Fryer, Bain-Maries, Hot Cupboards etc.

APT-P Buffet Bar

Bar and Kitchen

Bar and Kitchen usage for different levels of service (Place your pointer over the 'buttons' below to show the different modes of use) -

Layout Bar service only Light snacks service

Light meals service

Full meals service Full meals service without bar

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