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David Sandiland British Rail Into Europe Derby Museum of Making Derby Museum of Making APT 250 APT 250 APT-P Wind Tunnel model Glasgow Museum of Transport Space Models Derby - The Silk Mill APT-P Model at NRM, York © Paul Leadley APT-P

Various APT Models

3D printed G Scale POP model by Paul Leadley APT POP by Shane Wilton 'N' Gauge APT-E in a bottle by Kit Spackman for Dr Alan Bing 'N' Gauge APT-E built by Kit Spackman 'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith 'O' Gauge APT-E built by Les Hooper APT-E by Robert Lumley APT-E CGI model Brits Who Made The Modern World Lego model by Michael Gale Lego model by Wes Turngrate APT-E & APT-P by Jörgen Edgar APT-E by Colin Gibbons APT-E by Nigel Hurst 5" APT-E built by Aubyn Mee Souvenir Box Easter Egg Box BR Educational PackMSTS APT-P by David Babb Ceramic APT-P by Michael Mason APT-P model built for BBC TV Tomorrow's World Virtual Lego model by Simon Denscombe Virtual Lego model by James Mathis Lego model by Andrew Walker Lego model Manufacturer: Mr. DELTIC (in JAPAN) Lego APT-P by Jamie Ellis Lego APT-P by ProKuma 'N' Gauge APT-P by Andy Stephney & Andy Reed APT-P Nose up by J Russell Hornby APT-P Nose Up by Kev Pearson APT-P modified by Mark Pearson Additional APT-P vehicles by Steve Browne Additional APT-P vehicles by Chris Shutt Modified and extended APT-P by Furness Model Railway Club 'Mini APT' by Brian Metcalfe APT 'What ifs' and extra vehicles by Steve Jones APT-P's by Craig Chapman Weathered Scrapline Hornby APT-P by Andrew Fisher DCC sound APT-P by Ian Bishop APT-P TRBS by Alan Bart Tolley 14 coach APT-P by Quentin Howell APT-P © Mustard Channel Minecraft APT-P © The Growl Minecraft APT-P © Aeroteam APT-P inspired model © Pat Carbin Network Rail APT � Ben's Resprays APT-P Ben's Transport Additional APT-P vehicles by Jem Soady APT-P Scrap Cab on LOWMAC by Inge Goodier APT-P by Bees Hill Models Detailed Hornby APT-P by Dave Segar APT-P by Zeke New Hornby APT-P with Nose Up by Shane Wilton Wooden Railway Scale APT-P by Nathan

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Mardyke Miniature Railways

Mardyke Miniature Railway APT-P
7¼" APT-P

RapidoRail Systems

RapidoRail Systems APT-E
15" APT-E

Bees Hill Models

Bees Hill Models

A range of 3D printed N Gauge Advanced Passenger Train model kits.

PDF Bees Hill Models Flyer (1.27MB)

See Bees Hill Models website for more details and how to order.

Hornby Railways

More about the Hornby OO APT-P

In 1980 Hornby released a five car 'OO' model of the Prototype Advanced Passenger Train.

On 6 January 2020 Hornby announced two newly tooled APT-P model packs, together with pairs of extra coaches to form complete 14 car trains in both early and final liveries.

10 January 2022 Hornby showed plans to produce two alternative APT packs and pairs of coaches allowing two same livered (differently numbered) trains to be run at once.

Hornby APT-Ps on various layouts and dioramas –

Rapido Trains

Rapido Trains Model APT-ERapido Trains Model APT-ERapido Trains Model APT-E

Rapido Trains Model APT-ERapido Trains Model APT-E
April Fool! Or is it? – APT-E 'What if ?' models announced by Rapido on 1 April 2022.


OO Gauge Model APT-E features:

  • Two Power Cars each with a 5-pole, skew-wound motor
  • Two Trailer Cars with articulated Swinging Arm Trailer Bogies
  • 3D scanned exterior for accurate body contours
  • Operating tilt mechanism and close coupling system
  • Will operate smoothly down to #2 radius
  • Full interior detail including illuminated test instrumentation
  • Working headlamps, tail lamps and interior lighting
  • Conventional DC or factory fitted with ESU DCC sound decoder
  • Accurate sounds recorded from archival footage
  • Smooth-running mechanism with dual motors and flywheels

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