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Arraviandi Bagas

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The Intercity Class 370s, better known, as the Intercity APTs.

The whole design premise came from the fact that, during the 1980s, countries around the world like Japan and France, were building high speed railways and running high speed trains all over the world.

With this, came the fact that they spent millions of cash to be invested into dedicated track for high speed trains.

However, British Railways was broke, it didn't have enough money to fund a new and dedicated high speed rail line, so instead, the decision was made so that the train set would curve inwards, like a motorcycle, instead of the track.

Three train units were built at Derby Works, 1977 - 1980 in a formation of 14 train cars including the lead and end units. Operating on the West Coast Mainline (WCML).

Designed with 125mph operational service speeds in mind, they weighed 434 tonnes and operated on 25kV, 50Hz AC Overhead electric wires.

However, their legacy was short lived, as by 1985 - 1986, they'd all been withdrawn.

However, 7 cars have been preserved, which have been formed into a train set to showcase what they fully looked like.

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