APT Configurations

APT-E (Experimental)

PC1 - TC1 - TC2 - PC2

See www.APT-E.org for more photographs and information about the Experimental Advanced Passenger Train (APT-E). Including how to join the APT-E Conservation & Support Group at Locomotion the NRM at Shildon.


APT-P (Pre-Production Prototype)

Three of these prototype trains were built, together with a spare Driving Trailer Second SD3 and Trailer Brake First FV3.



Proposed APT-S (Squadron)


Later plans, shown below, did not require the design of the F3 trailer car, but instead used the FV3.

APT-S 1+8 version


APT-S 1+9 version


APT-S 1+10 version



Proposed APT-U (Ultimate)

APT-U 2+10 version


APT-U 2+12 version



APT-D (Development)

The Intercity Development Train (APT-D) was used in the design of the Mark IV coaching stock.



Proposed APT-Q

This idea to quickly convert the three APT-Ps into six APT-Qs requiring only the design and construction of six driving trailer cars.


Powered axles are shown flashing.
Vehicle liveries and bodyside layouts are for illustrative purposes only.


Evidence of other versions

A document from the CM&EE Department dated June 1977 includes a reference to APTs for The Channel Tunnel, The Southern Region also a Diesel powered version.

Proposed Versions of APT

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